Foam memory or spring mattress?

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For every comparison, there are both advantages and disadvantages of the two products compared. Today the standard of mattresses seems to have become memory foam, even though almost all of them used spring mattresses until yesterday. Let’s find out the pros and cons of each of them. We will compare the stability of the mattress, the support, the temperature sensitivity, and its maintenance. Finally, we will draw our conclusions. Let’s start with the comparison of the stability of the two mattresses.

In the case of memory foam, the weight is distributed evenly, giving the body a feeling of support. In addition, the mattress adapts to the shape of the body avoiding back and joint problems.

Memory foam is very sensitive to body temperature, so after a few hours of sleep, it may lose its stability. This, however, favors the nocturnal movements required by our body. The spring mattress instead works like many shock absorbers. They do not follow the lines of the body and do not have half measures. “Crumble” less the mattress fabric compared to the anatomical ones that can be found on the market.

Support and adaptation to temperature:

Let’s now turn to the comparison of the support. Memory foam evenly distributes body weight. Put simply, it’s like having hundreds of thousands of tiny springs underneath that adapt and follow the features of the body.

It follows the body, but thanks to the memory effect it always returns to its original form. Spring mattresses also offer good support. But this is constant over the entire surface unless you buy a mattress with pocket springs and independent of each other.

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The body needs differentiated support, if the springs offer constant support the body will not be able to benefit from the beneficial effects of “personalized” support. So we come to the sensitivity of the two mattresses with respect to the temperature. Memory foam is also famous for its great sensitivity to body temperature. The only drawback is the fact that when the mattress is cold, inserted in a room that is not heated, it takes about half an hour to warm up with body heat.